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Development trend of pharmaceutical packaging materials

Release date:2018-05-26 Publisher: Yonghe
With the development of economy and technology, the development of China's packaging industry is obvious to all, and the packaging materials of drugs used in special commodities are constantly being updated. With the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection, drug packaging is developing towards a more safe, more convenient and pollution-free direction. In addition, the reform of China's medical system and the reform of sales mode have made the pharmaceutical packaging more convenient to use and pay attention to advertising. The concept of dematerialization of packaging has been strengthened. Obviously, medical packaging has become the focus of people's attention. As zhang heyong, President of China pharmaceutical packaging industry association, said: pharmaceutical packaging is already a part of drug quality. We must strengthen the research and application of new packaging materials, strengthen the construction and formulation of regulations, standards and regulations, strengthen supervision, maintain market order and ensure the healthy development of medical packaging.

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