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The main advantages of Easy-folding plastic bottle

Release date:2018-01-16 Publisher: Yonghe

Easy-folding plastic bottle has many advantages, light weight, better sealing performance, sanitation, moisture proof effect, etc., can not be cleaned, drying and other processes directly used to package drugs, is a very practical drug packaging containers. The main application object is the oral liquid medicine and the oral solid medicine packing. Compared with traditional plastic hollow packaging products, plastic easy-folding bottles have unique performance characteristics, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Under normal circumstances, the volume of plastic flask is relatively small, mainly because of the special performance of drugs and drug packaging, generally just from a few milliliters to 1000 milliliters between, the commonly used volume is 15 milliliters to 200 milliliters between, most of the shape is round, also have a square and oval.

The resistance and good sealing performance make the medicinal plastic bottles have their own advantages, mainly in order to ensure that the drugs do not deteriorate within the period of validity, do not be affected by moisture, do not react with the ingredients in the air, can effectively prevent water vapor, heat, light and oxygen and other drugs have a certain impact.

The medicine can directly contact the inner wall of the plastic bottle for medicinal use, and the raw material for the bottle must meet the standard of the medicine packaging, so as to ensure the production quality of the medicine.

The size, shape, size and structure of plastic foldable bottles should meet the requirements of pharmaceutical enterprises for drug packaging and adapt to the norms of high-quality production. Improving the sealing performance of medicinal plastic bottle mouth can effectively ensure the safety of drugs, and it is necessary to increase the effect of moisture resistance. High-tech sealing is mainly carried out on the bottle mouth, and inspection shall be carried out after completion to ensure the sealing in place.

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